Wednesday, December 31, 2008

eSeed: Fishy Story

Read Romans 13:1-5 TLB
The small fish were swimming in his bucket, and he was calmly waiting for another bite.

Suddenly the game warden walked up and asked, “Don’t you see that No Fishing sign?”

“But,” he protested, “I’m not fishing. I was giving the little fish a lesson in swimming.”

That’s a fishy story!

A real Christian not only obeys the laws of the Lord, but also the laws of the land.

What the world needs is not more Christianity but more Christians who practice Christianity not only where they worship but also where they work, not only when they pray but also when they play.

The Living Bible says, “Obey the laws, then, for two reasons: first, to keep from being punished, and second, just because you know you should.”

Prayer: Make us, Father, godly Christians and good citizens. Implant within our hearts a love for Thy laws and the laws of the land. Make our lives to be radiant Thy presence: in Christ. Amen.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

eSeed: Somebody's Listening

Read 1 Timothy 4:12
I asked a friend, “Has your baby learned to talk yet?”

“Yes, sir,” he answered. “Now we’re teaching her to keep quiet.”

There’s a time to keep quiet and a time to speak up, for somebody’s listening to you.
When you speak a bad word, somebody hears it, and is ruined by it. A word isn’t a bird. If it flies out, you’ll never catch it again.

When you speak a good word, somebody hears it, and is redeemed by it. Bunyan heard some women talk about the Lord with such joyful enthusiasm that he called upon Him and was saved. Then we wrote Pilgrim’s Progress.

Your words will either help or hurt. You’ll weigh them, won’t you?

Prayer: Give us, Father, a hatred for evil and a love for righteousness. Let no evil thoughts be in our minds, no evil words on our lips, and no evil ways in our lives. Make us clean: through Christ. Amen.

Monday, December 29, 2008

eSeed: Candy or the Queen

Read Matthew 6:33 NKJ

The Queen of England was coming to town, and a father took his little girl to see her.

While waiting for the queen, the girl saw a man selling lollipops. “Dad,” she begged, “buy me one.”

Reluctantly he took her out of line to get one. But while they were gone for the candy, they missed the queen.

The girl rejoiced in the candy for the moment, but for the rest of her life she regretted she had missed the queen.

Don’t allow the paltry things to rob you of the precious, the material things to rob you of the spiritual, or the temporal things to rob you of the eternal.

The Bible says, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

Prayer: Grant us Thy pardon, Father. Give us a greater hunger for the spiritual and lead us into a Spirit-filled life that honors Thee: in Christ. Amen.

Friday, December 26, 2008

eSeed: Purely Voluntary

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:4-6
Bored by a tedious talk in the House of Commons, Winston Churchill fell asleep.

Angrily, the speaker walked over to him and asked, “Must you fall asleep while I’m speaking?”

Without opening his eyes, Churchill answered, “No, sir, it’s purely voluntary.”

But too many people go through life living in a nap sack.

The Lord created you because He wants to use you where you are. So look for a hurt and heal it. Find someone with a burden and help bear it. Reach for someone with a problem and help solve it. Search for someone who’s a victim and help him become a victor.

The Lord doesn’t want dozing disciples. He wants serving saints.

Prayer: Father, make our lives useful in service, beautiful with love, strong in faith, and courageous in standing up for Jesus. Help us to be loyal to Thee: through Christ. Amen.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

eSeed: The Great Omission

Read Matthew 28:19-20 NIV

A salesman always kept his hat on while working at his desk in the office.

“What’s the matter?” asked a newcomer. “Hairless?”

“No,” he answered, “I need to be here less. My hat reminds me I ought to be out selling.”

Maybe church members ought to be wearing hats too.

We need to put some demonstration to our education, some motion to our devotion, and some expression to our impression.

It’s time for us to stop putting more saints in stained glass and start putting more saints in shoe leather.

Our Lord said, “Go and make disciples of all nations.” That’s the great commission.

Don’t let the great commission become your great omission!

Prayer: Father, make us more than church members, make us Christlike church members. Make us more than ordinary Christians, make us extraordinary Christians: in Christ. Amen.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

eSeed: The Safety Pin

Read James 1:5-8
In 1825, Walter Hunt owed a debt of $25.00 – a big sum; and he was broke.

That obstacle didn’t engulf him. It only encouraged him to overcome it.

He took his tools and some wire and tried to make something to sell. Suddenly he realized he had invented something.

Hunt took it to his debtor. He gave him $400 for complete rights to all future sales of his invention. It was the first safety pin.

Troubled? Pray. The Living Bible says, “If you want to know what God wants you to do, ask Him and He will gladly tell you, for He is always ready to give a bountiful supply of wisdom to all who ask Him.”

Prayer: Father, we miss so much when we fail to talk with Thee in prayer, and through prayer to receive into our lives the grace, the strength and wisdom which only Thou canst give. Help us to pray and put feet to our prayers: in Christ. Amen.

Monday, December 22, 2008

eSeed: Run With Ryun

Read 2 Timothy 2:22 TLB

Jim Ryun, the great miler, was being kidded by a reporter.

“You like to do a lot of different things in training,” he said. “Why don’t you go out for football?”

“Because,” he answered, “I’ll be better off in the long run.”

And so was Joseph.

Potiphar’s wife suggested that he sin with her. But he refused.

One day, when no one else was around, she grabbed him by the sleeve demanding, “Sleep with me.”

But he tore himself away and ran from the house.

That’s how to triumph over temptation.

The Living Bible says, “Run from anything that gives you evil thoughts…but stay close to anything that makes you want to do right.”

Prayer: Father, give us the power to conquer every temptation that will come to us; the strength to do every task that is assigned to us; and the grace to bear every burden which is laid upon us: through Christ. Amen.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

eSeed: No Doubt About It

Read 1 John 5:12 NKJ

A lady walked into a store and started looking at some baby clothes.

“Are you expecting?” asked the clerk.

“No,” she answered, “I’m sure.”

And I’m sure of eternal life.

Is it because I’m a church member or a clergyman? No, it’s because of the Savior and the Scriptures.

Eternal life isn’t something we attain, but accept; not something we deserve, but desire; not something we purchase, but prize; not something we reap, but receive.

We receive eternal life not only from the Lord but in the Lord. The Bible says, “He who has the Son has life.”

Prayer: Prepare us for heaven, Father, by forgiving our sins and by cleansing us from every wrong. Inspire each of us day by day to grow in grace and to become better acquainted with our Lord and Savior: in His name. Amen.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

eSeed: Dad Or Dollars

Read Job 13:15

A student wrote this letter:

“Dear Dad, I haven’t heard a word from you in weeks. Please send me a check by return mail, so I’ll know you’re all right.”

I’m afraid he was more interested in dollars than dad. Aren’t you?

He was like many in Bible times. They followed the Lord for His favors, not His fellowship.

That’s what Satan thought about Job. He said to the Lord, “Look how rich he is. Take away his wealth and You’ll see him curse You.”

The Lord gave him permission to take away his wealth. Did Job curse God? No.

He said, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.”

He had a rugged faith. Not a rigged faith. Have you?

Prayer: Give us, Father, a faith that is vital and vocal; a faith that loves Thy word, that listens to Thy word, that lives Thy word, and that labors for Thy honor and glory: through Christ. Amen.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

eSeed: Picking The Colors

Read James 1:1-4 TLB

Sourness spoils milk, and it had the same effect on a certain man. Then one day he had a paralyzing stroke.

Years later, when an old friend visited him, he found him grateful, not grouchy; compassionate, not cruel; sweet, not sour.

“What happened?” he asked.

“Sickness has a way of coloring the personality,” said the paralyzed man. “I decided I’d pick the colors and make my life beautiful.”

When we make God’s will our will, He’ll give us grace for our grief, gladness for our gloom, and stars for our scars.

Then our lives will be beautiful, and we’ll “be ready for anything, strong in character, full and complete.”

Prayer: Thou hast given us life, Father; help us to use it wisely and not foolishly; with discipline and not self-indulgence, that we may live only and always for Thee: through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Monday, December 15, 2008

eSeed: Mittens Or The Master

Read Romans 6:14 TLB

Come winter or summer, Californian Timothy Mack has been ordered to wear stiff mittens every time he appears in public.

Judge Richard Hayden saw this as the only remedy to Mack’s chronic pickpocketing.

But better than mittens for victory over sinning is the Master. He’s the great Transformer. He can turn your stealing into serving, your getting into giving, and your demands into dedication.

Your life can be an affirmation, not a defamation; a rock of strength, not a cesspool of weakness; a blessing, not a blight.

The Living Bible promises, “Sin need never again be your master.”

Prayer: At this moment, dear Jesus, I ask Thee to save me from all my sins, from sins of heart and hands, and from sins of habits and haunts. Constrain me to avoid that step that will lead me to sin and make me a victorious Christian: in Christ. Amen.

Friday, December 12, 2008

eSeed: Re-Signed, Not Resigned

Read Philippians 4:13 NKJ

The last time you failed – did you stop trying because you failed, or did you fail because you stopped trying?

A young man applied for admission to West Point, and he failed to get in. But he didn’t stop trying.

He applied again, and was turned down the second time. But that didn’t make him bitter. It made him better.

By faith he turned that barrier into a bridge. He tried the third time, and was accepted. That man, General Douglas MacArthur, perhaps more than any other, helped us win World War II.

Refuse to be foiled by failure, or defeated by discouragement. Trust in the Lord, and resolve with St. Paul, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Prayer: Inspire us, Father, by faith to turn our barriers into blessings, to transform our frustrations into forgiveness and our trials into triumphs. Make us to be optimistic overcomers: in Christ. Amen.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

eSeed: Make The Best Of It

Read Philippians 4:13

Allen Heath lost a hand and almost his life in an accident. But he came back to win a race as “The One-Armed Bandit of Racing.”

He said, “Being a race driver is tough. Being a race driver with a hook for a hand is tougher. But hurtin’ never stopped me from doin’ what I wanted to do.”

Heath added, “If you want to lay down and cry, you can. I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to feel sorry for myself and give up. I had to accept what had happened and make the best of it.”

Like Heath, the victorious Christian talks more about his blessings than his bruises, more about his opportunities than his obstacles. He makes the best of everything by the grace of God.

Do you?

Prayer: Help us, Father, to think of life as we ought to think of it. Constrain us to use life wisely, to live life generously, and to use life for Thy honor and glory: through Christ. Amen.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

eSeed: Wishful Thinking

Read 1 John 5:14 NKJ

After thanking the Lord for a good day, and asking Him to bless her family, little Debbie prayed, “Dear Lord, please make seven plus six equal 11.”

“Why?” asked her mother.

“Because,” she said, “if it’s not, I’m going to fail math.”

The Lord is all powerful. But there are some things He can’t do. He can’t sin or act contrary to His nature. His unlimited power always operates in harmony with His goodness and wisdom.

The Lord is more anxious to answer than we are to ask, and more able to give than we deserve. But He always acts according to His will.

The Bible says, “If we ask any thing according to His will, He hears us.”

Prayer: Come Thou, Lord Jesus, into our hearts and home. Keep us from doing and saying anything that will shame Thee. Grant that we may be responsive to Thy voice: in Thy name. Amen.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

eSeed: Pray For Me

Read Jeremiah 33:3

A little girl had been bad in church, so her father picked her up and started to carry her out. When they reached the door, she said, “You all pray for me, now!”

She had the right idea, didn’t she?

You can pray about anything, anytime, anywhere.

You can’t bring anything too little for God’s mercy or too big for His might.

Prayer has alerted angels, delivered from diseases, locked the mouths of lions, purged passions, soothed the storms, triumphed over the tempter, and won over want.

You can’t pray and fail to get an answer. God has pledged, “Call unto Me, and I will answer thee.”

So in the words of the little girl, “You all pray for me, now.”

Prayer: Lord, teach us to pray. As we draw near to Thee, our spirits long for Thy Spirit to possess us, to prepare us to pray, to obey wholeheartedly, and honor Thee daily: through Christ. Amen.

Monday, December 8, 2008

eSeed: Is Anyone Up There

Read Psalm 60:11-12

A man fell off a cliff, but he grabbed a limb on the way down. Tearfully he cried, “Is anyone up there?”

“I am the Lord. I’m here,” came the answer. “Do you believe in Me?”

“Yes, Lord,” he answered. “But I can’t hang on much longer.”

“I’ll save you,” said the Lord. “Just let go.”

There was a pause, and the man asked, “Is anyone else up there?”

Isn’t it just like many to doubt the Lord and put their trust in man?

But not the Psalmist. He prayed, “O God, give us help from trouble; vain is the help of man. Through God we shall do valiantly.”

Prayer: Shame fills our hearts, Father, for our doubts and despair. We blush to remember our complaints. Lead us into a new tomorrow of trusting Thee and obeying Thee. Make us ready for Thy will and way: through Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.

Friday, December 5, 2008

eSeed: Object-ionable

Read Proverbs 25:27-28 TLB

A teacher asked, “Can you give me a sentence with an object?”

“Yes, ma’am,” said Joey. “You are very beautiful.”

“What’s the object of that?” asked the teacher.

“To get a good grade,” replied Joey.

Many flatter, just to be flattered. They give a gift, just to get a gift. They slap you on the back, just so you’ll cough up something for them.

As a wolf is like a dog, so is a flatterer like a friend. He deceives only to destroy.

The Living Bible says, “The man who sets a trap for others will get caught in it himself. Roll a boulder on someone, and it will roll back and crush you. Flattery is a form of hatred and wounds cruelly.”

Prayer: Father, control our tongues, and keep us from saying things that hurt Thee and others. Shut the door of our minds against all ugly and unclean thoughts: through Christ. Amen.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

eSeed: Which Way

Read Acts 4:23-31 NKJ

Two men went to Alaska for a bear hunt. Walking into the wilderness, they came onto the footprints of a big grizzly.

One said, “You go that way and see where he went. I’ll go this way and see where he came from.”

It’s natural to be afraid. And some are just as fearful about seeking the godless as this man was in seeking the grizzly.

But you’re the only one who can cure your cold feet. How? By prayer. That’s what Peter and John did.

The Bible says, “When they had prayed…they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and they spoke the word of God with boldness.”

Don’t let fear overcome your boldness. By prayer let your boldness overcome your fear.

Prayer: Deliver us, Father, from being frail and feeble followers. Make us strong saints, firm in the faith, powerful in prayer, and adequate for anything: in Thy name. Amen.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

eSeed: Lost - A Nose

Read Romans 6:13 TLB

Ernie Camero startled the doctors at a hospital in Venezuela. He handed them his nose which had been cut off during a fight.

They bandaged his wounds, but couldn’t do anything with his nose.

Who has your nose, your hands, your heart?

Being a Christian is offering every part of your body to God to be used for His glory.

Your heart – for Him to love through.

Your lips – for Him to speak through.

Your hands – for Him to touch through.

Your mind – for Him to think through.

The Living Bible says, “Do not let any part of your bodies become tools of wickedness, to be used for sinning; but give yourselves completely to God – every part of you…to be used for His good purposes.”

Prayer: Father, I give myself to Thee, body, soul and spirit. Use me as Thou wilt. Make me to be obedient to Thy word and Thy will: in Christ. Amen.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

eSeed: No Engine

Read Romans 8:9

Police in England arrested two young men for stealing a car. They were found pushing it a mile from the garage.

On being caught they asked the police, “Why won’t it start?” Lifting up the hood, they found no engine. The owner hadn’t replaced it.

You’re pushing a car without an engine, when you try to live the Christian life without Christ. The Bible says, “If any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of His.”

You’re pushing a car without an engine, when you try to follow Christ without faith. The Bible says, “Without faith it is impossible to please Him.”

Cars are better with an engine and people are better with faith in Christ. So have faith in Christ.

Prayer: Grant us the faith, Father, which can accept things which we can’t understand, and which will never turn to doubt. Grant us the hope which continues throughout life and the loyalty which will always be true to Thee: through Christ. Amen.

Monday, December 1, 2008

eSeed: We've Got To Get Some Of It

Read Psalm 90:17

A mama skunk and her baby skunks came to a paper mill. If you’ve been close to one, you’ll get the drift of it quickly.

One of the baby skunks was almost overcome with the odor. “Mom,” she cried, “what’s that?”

Sniffing deeply, she answered, “I don’t know, but we’ve got to get some of it.”

As believers in the Lord, we need to live a beautiful and beneficial life, a gracious and godly life, a happy and helpful life, a winsome and worthwhile life so that others will say, “I don’t know what that believer has, but whatever it is, I’ve got to get some of it.”

Let’s pray with the psalmist, “Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us.”

Prayer: Give us, dear Father, love for our lips, mercy for our mouths, truth for our tongues, and Thy loveliness for our lives. Let Thy beauty be upon us, Father, that we may live beautiful lives for Thee: through Christ. Amen.